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DETAIL Practice Photovoltaics

As a critical component in the mix of regenerative energies, photovoltaics help slow the progress of climate change and furnish the earth with a long-term and affordable supply of energy. They produce electricity seemingly from "nothing".

…silently, cleanly, and virtually maintenance-free.

As a building-integrated technology, photovoltaics have their ideal point of use precisely where electricity is needed and and products. The principal culprits are design and constructional problems as well as issues related to planning law and building regulations.

This volume in the DETAIL Practice series is an illustrated guide to the technical, design, and constructional aspects of integrating solar plants into buildings. The chapter on building law, a glossary, and additional sources and directories point the way for further study. Impeccably realized example projects round out the book with demonstrations of the various options for installing photovoltaics on roofs and facades.


Verlag: Birkhäuser, Basel ISBN: 978-3-920034-25-6 Autoren: Claudia Hemmerle, Sven Jakubetz, Stefan Unnewehr, Bernhard Weller Projektleitung: Steffi Lenzen Redaktion und Lektorat: Melanie Weber Erscheinungsjahr: 2009

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